Original article posted by Asmodeus:

First I must explain what I call Anima, these are hatefull spirits, that have lost their way in the plane of darkness I described earlier, note that these beings are in fact metempsychotic and have the ability to take control of the living. I will be an Anima if I do not change my ways, and I have been playing with changing. the Anima linger on this plane and the next they can manifest themselves in many ways. Lost in the darkness they resent what they are the hate they carried here becomes the hate of the afterlife altering them and turning them into vicious hatefull spirits.

Lord Tyr is in fact a beast sewn from these spirits, the pillar of the dead as I explain to those who hear my beliefe (mostly friends I dont talk about it much, except for certain people) When the time comes the day most religions call the era of the Antichrist many beasts will be freed from their chains Lord Tyr is one of those creatures who will roam freely feeding on life as it desires.

The Antichrist (Until we know who he is and his name on this exhistence I will refer to him as Antichrist) will have many supernatural powers, those who partake those powers (by healing and such just like the true christ) will wear the seal and become apart of Lord Tyr, those who decline of course die and maybe get to go to heaven, but I am sure just because they say no to the Antichrist does not mean certainy into heaven.

Lord Tyr will raise the dead (Unnaturaly) and poison our land for it hates our world and it hates us.