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I have a favorite uncle that completely disagrees with me on about everything. I am fairly conservative and more than a little religious; and he is a pro-drug homosexual that finds his religion after a successful ‘shroom gathering jaunt to Mountain Meadows. But, this has not stopped us from forming a real bond of love and friendship. He and I had a conversation where we discussed the differences in our generations, particularly the differences in our respective youth cultures. He is a throw-back from the seventies. He began college – oddly enough – at BYU. He stayed there all of an entire semester and then followed – oddly enough – a girl to San Francisco where he gave up his church, most of his parents’ ideas, the trombone, and women.

When he was in college he recalls it actually being about learning instead of memorizing facts and formulae that may stay with us, but probably won’t.

Our education system was once a proud example for the world to follow. Students were taught to question and discover answers on our own. This allowed the student to really grasp an idea and apply it to themselves. Then – in the seventies – youth culture really began to stretch the boundaries of propriety, and they did it in a search for understanding. I guess this scared the crap out of someone because now instead of giving us real intelligence our educational system has morphed into a machine that rewards obedience over knowledge and understanding. Have noticed that the best students are not usually the most intelligent? How many of us have prepared for next semester by asking students who have already taken the course? I guarantee that the most common response to these inquiries have been about how to please a teacher, and very little o do with the content of the class. I know it has been said before, but I have to add my voice to the growing din. If we do not change the focus of our educational system we will continue to slide down the chute of intelligence until we will stand alone at the bottom wondering what went wrong and not having the true intelligence to discover a way back up.

PS. I know it has been a while, so again to all I say hello.

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Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: How many cheerleaders CAN we fit into a phone booth?
Yeah we are going down hill fast, most of the pseudo intellectuals in here are proof of what is going to happen to our world, every body has something to say but does anybody ever do anything sbout it?

Most people just stand there and say how horrable something is but they never try to change it, they just have an opinion about it.

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Re: How many cheerleaders CAN we fit into a phone booth?
And people wonder why I never finished school and decided to join the Army instead. They asked me if I had any plans to do anything with my life. To that I said, “You’re darn right I do. In fact, I already have. What have you done with yours?” I count the years I spent in college to be the most rewarding and experience-filled time of my life. This has very little to do with going to school, however. I learned who I was, what I wanted to become, and what I wanted from life over the last five years. These experiences made me who I am and at the end of it all, I have a 0.9 GPA and thirty-some credits to my name. If I have failed to use my time well, you decide.

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: How many cheerleaders CAN we fit into a phone booth?
P.S. What up, Squishious?