Original article posted by Asmodeus:

I am going to talk about something different this time, something I have been thinking about lately cause of a certain person. I wont give her name in this one cause I want people to see this for sure, maybe most of you should! Most of you will think you know who she is, but take that from your head for a moment, and pretend you dont know who gave me the idea.

what brought this thought to me was her telling me that I am not good enough for her because how I treat women and that I am selfish because I expect certain things for myself, but I would say to her and all of you out there that are sexualy active that I am not selfish but she is and so are you.

How many of you that are active go to get tested for H.I.V? I bet non of you do, perhaps you think ah well I know the person I am with well why should I go get tested only people that sleep around contract the H.I.V virus. Well you are wrong, very wrong not only does your life depend on it but so does mine.

I have been with two women so far in my lifetime, I am not currently active, but when I am I do have myself tested every so often, because even though I dont think these women have it, it would be selfish for me not to be tested because not only does my life count on the results but everybody I am with is affected and those who I might be with again.

Before you tell me I am selfish, look at yourselves people. I do certain sexual things and I am very open about my sexuality maybe this girl is threatened by that, but I know she does not test herself. I do things that most people dont think are appropriate but at least I am safe about it, its more than just wearing protection.

How can you tell me to abstain if you yourself can not abstain? I dont blame you for not being able to, a lot of people can not, however you should think about other people and make sure you are clean.

that is all i have to say about that, so next time you decide to call someone a whore or tell them they are dirty take a good look at yourself and ask, have I been testing myself? If the answer is no than it is you who is dirty and maybe you should take the time instead of calling people names, go and get yourself tested.