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Things go pretty well here. The time goes faster than I can keep up with most of the time and I find myself later thinking of things I wanted to do that I didn’t, and things that I am sure I did, but I’m not sure how long ago it was.

I want to give you a nice christmas gift. It will be chinese in nature. But to give you this gift you must supply the following to me: Your Address, and an ideal you admire or feel you have in good suply. For example: Honor, Love, Truth, Wisdom, Health, Luck, Freedom, Self, Glory, Life, Choices, Puppies. Or at the very least just send me your address and I will supply the gift, but as of right now I don’t have many persons address. This includes you. Yes you. the reader of this article.

Speaking of reading. Reading is not good enough. I hope that you will go and write a great review of a movie you saw recently. And a book you recently read. Go. Do it. Click on reviews. Write one. I do this for selfish reasons. Because one day I will go through the site and pick out the things suggested by others for me to read and watch. Unless I’m the only person writing on the site. And then I’m awesome and everybody needs to pay attention to me.

Ready go.

I found meself a buddhist god last night. I put him in my bike basket and rode around with him. He has long nose and ear hairs. I like to pretend he’s a leprechaun.

Hmm… where should I go tonight to tract?

“Ye’ll be goin’ to center mountain road, or I’ll be givin’ ye a pop on the nose!”

No… I think I’ll just tract here.


Then he probably gives me a buddhist curse where all my lucky charms turn into bad karma charms. Or tries to trick me into drinking a potion.

I gave him to my companion. He’s pumped. I kinda regret it just a bit.

But only a little.

People have finally started giving me a hard time about being “old” on the mission. Luckily, nobody gives me any problems about actually being old. Monday a few Elders from the group before me, who I knew in the MTC, gave their farewell testimonies. because they aren’t extending to the full 2 year mark so they can be home for christmas. It’s weird. I swear they just got here. And so did I.

The work goes pretty great lately. We’ve had a lot of success finding. I hope that we’ll see some people make it from being found and willing to hear about the church to actually asking if it’s all it claims to be.

A couple of exciting events for me: A nice young deaf man who I contacted a couple weeks ago just got baptized. And a lady who rode up to me and wanted to more is getting baptized in a week. She even asked if she had to be baptized before she’s allowed to be a missionary.

Then elder Money and Cooper were having dinner last night when they struck up a conversation with the fellow next to them. He, as it turns out, has been to church in another city many times and is hoping to be baptized as soon as possible. So they set a date with him right there. He’ll be baptized next week.

These things make me happy.

I’ve also learned and realized a lot lately which I haven’t been able to write down because of having so little time. I am sad. But I’ll try to take a few notes and in a coming day I will have a bit more time to write, I’m sure. Right? There’s always time in the future. Right?

Anyway, All else is otherwise,

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Lavendbluegosityism.
Blaine Anderson
HCR Box 500
Garrison, Ut 84728

Any of those will do. Except puppies! No freakin’ puppies! And no false doctrines either. I trust your judgement on that one. But remember, for every puppy I find, I shall kill you!

Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Lavendbluegosityism.
6B Quinton Place
New Zealand
miss you. Visit me on your way home 😉

Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Lavendbluegosityism.
I don’t really need anything Chinese (I have far too much weird Thai stuff hanging around from Scott’s mission) but couldn’t resist leaving a note on the same page as Blaine & Steph. It makes me feel closer to people in Taiwan, Iraq, and New Zealand, seeing as I have no hope to ever go any of those places.

In other news, I am considering graduate school. We’ll see if I think I can hack it. (Probably not.)

Nickname: AnaNg
Re: Lavendbluegosityism.
Hey there, mister. I have recently sold my house, and am currently staying in Joseph’s sister’s guest bedroom while the guest house is being remodled so that Jack and I can live there while Joseph is in Afghanistan. Crazy stuff. My address is 22680 Hoskins Rd., Guesthouse, Wilder, ID 83676. I like letters, too. Speaking of which, you once promised me that if I wrote to you, you’d write back. I’ve written 3 times and you’ve responded once. If you’re good I’ll count the christmas present as two letters. 🙂 Some of the “ideals” that you mentioned are actually virtues. My favorite one right now is Truth. It’s one I’ve been working on. Not that I’ve been lying to others, mostly I’ve just not been true to my “ideals”, or rather I’ve been holding others to standards that I am lenient with myself about. Does this make sense? Let me liken it to that silly mustard seed. (Truth is one part, I’ll get to that.) First of all, I have never liked the analogy of the mustard seed which implies that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed then we would be able to move mountains. I have never moved a mountain. And I do not know anyone that has. So this means that I have no faith? Or smaller faith than a mustard seed size? Ridiculous! I KNOW that I have faith. And lots of it. So! The analogy actually means Faith as a mustard seed HAS faith. Or, like a mustard seed has faith. So how does a mustard seed have faith? First, it BELIEVES that it is a mustard seed. It knows what it is and what it can become. We are Children of God and as such must also BELIEVE in our potential – know we are God’s seed. (think of seed in both denotations: as a seed you plant to grow, and as for example, the seed of Abraham.) Second, It must BE what it is: it must grow and develop as a mustard seed does. We must BE what we say we are: Followers of Christ. (This is the part I am working on. Being TRUE to who I am and what I say I am doing.) Last, the mustard seed experiences (uses) the POWER within itself to grow into the mustard plant. We also have and must use the power within ourselves to become/grow like God. He can’t do it for us. We know that. WE must do it ourselves. Of course, there is always help, the Master does tend his vineyard. But we need to put forth the effort, use the power within ourselves to become like Him. So, in summary, First we must BELIEVE in our potential, then we must ACT on our belief, then we must experience (use) the POWER within us to make it happen.
The Savior gave a whole speech in that one verse about a mustard seed. (Matt.17:20) Notice that he didn’t say faith the size of a mustard seed. He said Faith AS a mustard seed. And us silly mortals go around thinking that we have no faith because we can’t move mountains. I love sharing things that I find with you. I hope they make you as happy and grateful for the knowledge as they do me. Hope you’re doing great. Don’t get down about not doing everything. You can’t. And Heavenly Father knows that. And he’s fine with that. He wouldn’t have sent you if he wasn’t going to be pleased with all that you WOULD do.

Be happy , Elder Hamblin. Lots of handshakes,