Original article posted by Asmodeus:

That is my sin, I have commited the unforgivable sin, and its no wonder that I suffer so much. I wish to die, but can not. I seek death and it flees’s from me, I hope that one day someone will hate me enough, have enough rage inside them to finish me off and kill me. Than I can die forever, my death will be that of spiritual death as well as physical. Kellie can not bring me such peace she is too weak in her spirit as well, but at least she has not commited the unforgivable like I have.

This very sin has some meaning, my master the one you people call the antichrist, he will come to this world to decieve he will be the master, the christ and many will fall to his wims of hate and I will go with them. I will not be alone in my sin others will follow the one called the Antichrist.

The reason I tell you people this, is cause many of you think I could change, but I can not there is no going back for me ever, I can not even atone. If you want to help me than slay me as God so has decreed you to do.