Original article posted by Asmodeus:

I need to explain the Ley lines for those of you who do not understand. These ley lines are actualy like the blood vesseles of this planet, they are huge waves of energy pulsing affecting our lives in many ways, unfortunately humans are eating away at this energy by building things that do not coincide with the earth. I am finding the Ley lines on this land and i have already found some outside the utah area.

I have two options I can either fix the problem or make it worse, and since everyone in this town sucks my nuts I figure why not kill the land destroy the trees show them what a desolate world looks like, show them my pain this valley shall be henceforth known as the Miasma Valley, they will all kill themselves.

But there is more than that looming over the people of the great salt lake, when the time comes their will be people told to leave this valley, I am already convincing people how bad the LDS people are thanks to the FLDS, of course these pissed off people dont know the difference, when the time comes for the mormans to leave we will trap most of them and make sure they never do leave, most of you will die here with me.

That pretty much ends my plans and my doctorine, so if you live in utah and are LDS you might want to run now while you can while my power here is still weak and meager, because when the time comes I will be more hatefull and I will have more power than I do now.

Take the advice and run.