Original article posted by Greg:

So I took a little train ride to taipei today to rehearse. About 2 hours later the rest of the group showed up (yes, late. I wasn’t early.) and we sang through it twice, said “Sounds good to me.” and had lunch.

But my voice is nearly gone today. I can’t sing above an F. It may have something to do with those filthy chickens I played with a couple weeks ago, but I don’t think so. Maybe I shouldn’t have licked one of them. Hmmm.


But we are actually going to make a CD next week, which I think is pretty exciting. I’ve always wanted to be famous. So we’re making a cd of hymns in chinese for the chinese people. Because they haven’t got any. So we thought they could do with some. So it’s being done. I can’t believe some of the talent here in the mission. It’s amazing.

Not much else is new here. Suprized. No earthquakes since elder Ruoti came on island, which is too bad. I remember my first day I had a pretty decent one.

I have a desire to memorize hamlet’s monologue, but no hamlet to read from. And then also no time to read it. And I don’t know where this desire is coming from.

Haven’t found any buddhist gods lately, which is sad. But I can always imagine myself carting a leprechaun around in my bike basket.

I bet that kind of thing would be helpful for people in Iraq. Just imagine an angry leprechaun in your knapsack or whatever. “Ye’ll be feedin’ me more of your MRT candies or I’ll be feedin’ ye to a sandworm!”

I had the chance to talk to a guy who had been excommunicated from the church years ago. He was a catholic missionary once long ago, then bought himself a Book of Mormon one day, started reading it 3 years later, and decided that same day that he needed to join the church. Long story short, he got in trouble for something unspecified, got excommunicated, and then 3 years later re-baptized. The thing that struck me was his attitude towards going through church discipline. He felt really blessed that the Lord would take the time to teach him just how serious his sins were, instead of letting him go on and assume it wasn’t a big deal.

It was a nice meeting, anyway. I thought.

My time is up. I like letters.

-Elder Hamblin