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WRONG! Radio silence is a sign of nuclear threat. Like childeren when they are playing queitly be on gaurd something is up. Most of you really will not be affected except the fact I finaly shut up which is what everyone really wants right.

I am a fair person, and I have allowed room for peace talks but I know Kellie too good to know she will not take that option, in fact most of our relationship consists of war, who will come out on top. Her saying she does not care does not make sense to me, I have known her for 6 or more years longer than any boyfriend she has, I have known her a long time it seems it would be a waste to throw that all away.

We all have our periods of anger, our imperfections infect our lives, but that is no reason to quite like she did! We tell people things are not fair so deal with it, however when it would happen to her it is different isnt it. I do have my own issues with being friends, i see things in a different light because I have already experienced it.

To most women if I slept with a bunch of girls just to sleep with them and that is it, to you that would be wrong right? I think it is equaly wrong to do that emotionaly to men. This is where Kellie thinks I am sexist, I believe that the only man in her life should be the man she is currently with, the only way (If I was Ryan that is I wouldn’t allow her to be with other men alone, I would ask her and not tell her but ask politely that I do have my reasons and that just as I should never be with another woman alone she should not be with another man alone.

God this is going to be a long one, I am sure most of you would say that is sexist, I would say protective, you would say sexist because I would be trying to control who she allied herself with but we could be friends as a couple together. Me saying protective cause all i have to tell you is reefers, GHB, to name a couple and also I have learned there is a toxin you can make to do just the same as these other things that pollutes the nervous system and you use rhye seed, I know how to make it, doesnt that frighten you? It is damn easy too.

Also I would like to add, that if she is seeking other men for emotional support than of course the person that is supposed to be giving it to her is not now is he. I would like Ryan to think long and hard about that one, she thinks you suck in a lot of ways and of course she did not tell me that directly (except the part you are bad in bed me and my friends had a good laugh at that one, and of course they came up with some theories but we wont get into that)

Also I am sure most of you would argue that I too am not emotionaly there for her, and I would have to say you are right, I wish I could be as emotionaly adequate as I am sexualy adequate for her, unfortunately I can make her body cream better than I can make her feel loved and needed.

Well I too am open to any good ideas nothing wrong with that, and you all have until the first of December to give any ideas or thoughts to me, I do really favore anything that could help me understand her better I will talk back I just wanted to write this early because I am sure she will not stop and I will have to do as I plan (trust me its really bad).

So later people I hope you guys have lots of fun poking fun of people and shit.