Original article posted by Asmodeus:

My friend was assaulted last week by a police officer, coming home from work, and though many of you do not see me as the protective type, to those I call true friends I am very protective and very pissed this happened to him. He was arrested by campus police for get this tresspassing and resisiting arrest. What did he do? Nothing but trying to get home from work, which is on campus and now he is scratched up on his knees.

This is what pisses me off about our legal system, innocently walk home from work and get beat up by those who are supposed to serve and protect you. Molest childeren and you are out within 90 days assaulting yet more kids! Does something seem wrong about that with you people? It does me.

That police officer was lucky that person was not me, I tell you this is why i act like a criminal I have no respect for the system at all, that cop would have been shot if it was me, and it would have been by his own gun none the less. he wants me to protest but of course I can not do that because I am violent about my voice, I believe taking names and throwing back the crime solves everything, writing my government solves nothing I tell you nothing they dont hear, getting to that bastards family is key to winning the war.

I am sorry that life has to be that way, that is why Anarchy can not thrive. I never involve the police in any of my matters, they always turn ugly, yeah sure I threatened Kellie with the police with Neal but I never really turned him in, i look at it this way sure he gets away with two girls (she might not know that other part) but I see it this way unlike me kellie does have a heart, it may be hard for me to see she does, but I believe she does. My punishment to her is this, if Neal molests his child and gets caught for it and it is gruesome Kellie will live for the rest of her life knowing she could have stopped what happened but did not.

I wash the blood off of my hands. Well that is all I have to say about our corrupt useless government, if any of you have good ideas that is not violence I will listen and take it to my friend, but from experience violence works in a very powerfull way if you do not have fear for the law.