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A third deaf guy got baptized last week, and we got permission to get a Mr. Gao baptized this week even though he can’t go to church very often. So that’s good.

Last week was characterized by burn out for me. I had a hard time wanting to do much of anything. I don’t know why. But I seem to be doing better this week.

I’m fresh out of soap boxes.

And it’s too bad. Because I really feel like just ranting. But I find myself relatively satisfied with life right now.

People who are satisfied with life right now ought to be smacked with koi. Why? Because there’s something better to be had. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are or what you are doing, a better way can be found and absorbed into your spongelike heart.

I guess then the thing is to figure out what is ‘better’ and what is ‘worse.’

And who can say what’s better and worse for one person versus somebody else? And who can say what’s good and bad for everybody?

I’m not being rhetorical.

Well, I have a good idea of who, and I make up rude limmericks in the general direction of those who say there can be no such standard, law, reality, or being.

Or is it Being?

I don’t know. Stupid traditions. There was something I meant to say about how we all ought to give up everything that’s not a disney cartoon or classical music. But I forgot cause I got mad at traditions. Probably not founded in reality anyway.

Now let us all begin to enjoy the festivities and traditions of the season. Including going to the theatre to watch a giant ape contract the bird flu, sending oil prices rocketing up.

It’s better than reality television; It’s the culture!

Peace out y’all.
-Smurflite Wagsnatcher

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Probably not founded in reality. But maybe.
I like your style Elder Hamblin. You remind me of a young me. Not too much younger, mind you. Perhaps even a couple of years older.