A couple of things I thought I knew about me:

1.  Don’t watch much television.

2.  Don’t watch much sport at all.

3.  If sport is watched, it is not boxing, and I know less about boxing than I do about any sport save curling and perhaps darts.

Having said that, I’ve seen this series, The Contender, on ESPN at my work over and over again during the past couple of weeks.  I admit that I like it.   That I spent a couple minutes ignoring my tables today during the final round of the latest episode.  I even got all ‘advisey’ at one point and tried to tell the television how the people ought to fight.  Just like the real sports-watching people.I'm a winner.  I'm a contender.

I think it’s good entertainment.  But I did notice my violent tendencies increased after the third episode.  I officially vote that television can make people act more violent.  How long term this effect is, I don’t know. 

I just wanted to post a thingy here that says I have watched a form of sport, even though it’s been reality-show-ized, and I found enjoyment in it.

Now I’m going to put things on my wrists and pretend I’m a menace.