I’m posting to a dead site in the night time.  It makes me want to cry.

Nobody has written on this site since 2005.   Once Six Mile Village was a popular site with hundreds of hits per day.  People would write poetry and stories.  Rodney would complain about any and every thing he came across (but allowed the content to be posted on the site as an administrator).  Steph would show up bi-annually.  People I respect wrote opinions.  The site was doing great without me.

Now it’s really dead.  This old content sits here and occasionally attracts a hit from random search engines.

I thought that once we got the site up again some people would come back.  But somehow the glue is gone.  Maybe it’s the format.  Because this is a blogging website.  Maybe.  Yet it’s just as easy to write here, and you don’t have to wait for approval.  It’s up.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe the old site was Rodney’s and when it died and he didn’t come back nobody else did either.  And I’m not exactly provocative when I write.  I’m too main-stream.

So now it’s a site that has about 2 writers, 6 readers, and 5 or 6 search engine hits per day.

So much for village.

And so I go off and mourn melodramatically to a site that feels as empty as an old warehouse.  And the only people who will read this are the hopelessly addicted websurfer, and the person who unwittingly signed up for this site’s RSS feed and haven’t got anything from it in months.


And if you do read this, and you do get to the end, and you feel like writing something that would fit on this page, or the new one, please write.  I’ll be happy to add you as an author on this page.  I don’t care who you are.  I almost don’t even care what you write.

Anyway, this is my late night rant against abandoned electronic real estate.