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I’m posting to a dead site in the night time.  It makes me want to cry.

Nobody has written on this site since 2005.   Once Six Mile Village was a popular site with hundreds of hits per day.  People would write poetry and stories.  Rodney would complain about any and every thing he came across (but allowed the content to be posted on the site as an administrator).  Steph would show up bi-annually.  People I respect wrote opinions.  The site was doing great without me.

Now it’s really dead.  This old content sits here and occasionally attracts a hit from random search engines.

I thought that once we got the site up again some people would come back.  But somehow the glue is gone.  Maybe it’s the format.  Because this is a blogging website.  Maybe.  Yet it’s just as easy to write here, and you don’t have to wait for approval.  It’s up.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe the old site was Rodney’s and when it died and he didn’t come back nobody else did either.  And I’m not exactly provocative when I write.  I’m too main-stream.

So now it’s a site that has about 2 writers, 6 readers, and 5 or 6 search engine hits per day.

So much for village.

And so I go off and mourn melodramatically to a site that feels as empty as an old warehouse.  And the only people who will read this are the hopelessly addicted websurfer, and the person who unwittingly signed up for this site’s RSS feed and haven’t got anything from it in months.


And if you do read this, and you do get to the end, and you feel like writing something that would fit on this page, or the new one, please write.  I’ll be happy to add you as an author on this page.  I don’t care who you are.  I almost don’t even care what you write.

Anyway, this is my late night rant against abandoned electronic real estate.



I entered the sweepstakes for Mcdonalds, Chilis, and Home Depot.   I have a feeling I’m not going to win ten thousand dollars. 

I thought it important to mention.


Original article posted by Gunny:

I am a tightwad. I’ll break my back to pay off a credit card or a car loan before I am required to. I never just make the minimum payments. I don’t like to pay full price for anything either; I am never satisfied I am getting a good deal until I compare prices. Being cheap does have its advantages. For instance, I saved 4K by talking a car salesman down from $10,000 on my truck. The trouble is that I can never seem to keep any money in the bank. As soon as I realize that I have a little more than I need, I begin depositing that money into the coffers of the China King.

I love food, and Chinese food is never far from my thoughts. Sometimes I will reward myself with a Chinese buffet or go to one if I am feeling down. Sometimes I know I shouldn’t because I am low on money, but it calls to me. When Kung Pao beckons, I must obey. You can know General Tao’s slaves by their sitting alone in the buffet. Incidentally, they also have red stained lips.

This spendy/savey madness causes me a real conundrum. Sometimes I wonder how much money I’ve spent on Chinese dinners throughout my life. I probably have averaged two or three of them per week since I was twelve. What if I could have all that money back? Could I retire? I always look back through my checking account statement with guilt when I see how much I have spent on going out to eat. When those totals hit triple digits I start making my resolutions. These never last long; I usually cave within a week.

It really bothers me because I never allow myself to get into debt, but I can also never save any money. My hope is that if I can make more money in the future, my addiction to Chinese food will actually help me win over my spending. After all, a Chinese buffet can only cost so much. As long as I don’t take every meal I eat at the China Star, my earnings could surpass my spending eventually. If not, maybe someday a pharmaceutical brand will make an MSG patch or gum.

Original article posted by -soma-:

It’s 4:30 am, and I’m at work. Everything is quiet. I’m listening to The Smashing Pumpkins.
I’m happy.

Ryan would never use this site to promote his blog. So I’ll do it instead. . .

If you have a few minutes, check out Ryan’s site www.enigmacurry.com. It’s chock-full of nerdy anecdotes and libertarian goodness. Really, even if you aren’t a libertarian, these things are important to you. And Ryan needs a larger readership.

As for me? Last week I went to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. I even got Spock’s autograph. Yep. . . young pon fare Spock from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. He liked my spots! (I was a trill). And so now I have a picture of him on my wall. Below his picture he wrote: “To Kellie: My Vulcan Blood Boils: Nice Spots!” Ah ha ha ha. . . (you’re jealous).

This summer I also made a very important decision. After finishing an English degree at SUU, I’m going to forget everything I learned. Then I’m going to earn myself a degree in Physics. I had a good go here at SUU, but I suspect the quality of education is about to plummit, especially if the administrators continue ignoring their upper-division students whilst admitting just about anyone willing to pay the fees. But horray anyway! Maybe they will finally be able to pay someone to fill up that huge hole in the middle of campus that’s been there for four months now.

Not that I have anything against fenced-off mountains of dirt obstructing the path to my classes.

Also, I’ll be serving as president of Sigma Tau Delta. No, it’s not a sorority. It’s the English honor’s society. And to all you wise-guys out there, yes, it’s abbreviated STD, so you can all have a good laugh about that one.

Farewell and goodnite:

Original article posted by Minty:

I’v been home for a few days now and something just dawned on me. Ok it was more like an anvil, and when I say “dawned” I really mean dropped.

Iam homeless.

I have a bed to sleep in every night, and I dont live in my car. (Fuck, I dont even own one…) but what Im getting at is that I have yet to plant roots anywhere. I’m at that pain in the ass stage where I can’t stand living with my family but I still feel as if I should be living with some sort of relation.
Every couple of months I get tired of Cedar and yearn to go back to Vegas, and after I few days I seem to see the error of my ways.

I wonder how many of you villagers have felt something similiar when moving out…

Oh and Rodney how are you? Email me or something,tell me how your doing. Im sorry I ddin;t get a chance to say goodbye,but Merry Christmas and all that superficial yule tide crap.

Original article posted by thewendy:

peace is always beautiful
-walt witman

Original article posted by chamblin:

I’ve been sending your comments by snail mail, so he doesn’t always get them immediately. Rest assured that he does get them and he appreciates them.

So do I

Greg’s Mom

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