Original article posted by BlackLily:

My heart wields a sledgehammer,
it threatens to pound its way out.
I suppose it’s in need of a better host body,
this one so often lets it get broken.
What it really wants is to be a candle,
to heat, to glow, to burn.
A slow burn, like incense.
My blood smells of sandalwood
and struck matches.
My heart is the fuming, incandescent tip of a cigarette.
It smolders.


Original article posted by Minty:

My World Is Upside Down

Hair matted in a curtain
hangs limp and prophetic
mattress duster tickles ears
and eyes survey late dawn room

Scratch click of the door
faded blue upside wrong

“Get up.”


My world is upside down.

Yellow bus smell mates-
with cold morning scent
ear muffs sing.

I sit.

Crank and sputter of the ill-
engine. And the bag lady
too small to dodge.

Smoke and blood.

My world is upside down.

Original article posted by Olorle:

A Blinding Ray
Energy coalesces,
crackling, glowing,
wavering betwee dish
and ball. Lancing
out to play through
eyes, overwhelming
circuitry, frying
receptors, leaving
your foe blind
with but one
trigger pull.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: thewendy
Re: A Blinding Ray
Consider taking out “A Blinding Ray”
Not the most origional image.

— Hope you had a good birthday!
Sending hugs and smiles.

Nickname: -soma-
Re: A Blinding Ray
Wasn’t that a year ago? Geesh…

Original article posted by Minty:

Sonnet #2 -Unlikely Leaves-

Short walk to a gathered room
The branches battered above
Spidery sharp shadows loom
Something about leaves, something about love

And war or peace depending
On the slant of the sun
Patterns on my face spiraling
The spacial order undone

To look up in this strange relief
With all this casual dying
Steady as the soldiers grief
Bodies and borders splintered and falling

All over the world they go by ease or strife
Victorious victims of life

Original article posted by Minty:

I want to explain this first poem a little bit. It was composed my Junoi year of high school during an Algebra 2 class. Now I was having trouble staying awake and this was the last class I wanted to doze off in. The insructor fancied himself the math Fhur and delighted in startling students who dozed off with his large plastic doomy bat.
So I started this little scene in my head about a french familiy visiting the alps for some reason. This is would be the result the imaginary people,doing predictable things in my head.

“Where is ma petite?”

Looking out,that is all she can do. The ice branch of maples.
Solemn skin,pickled hair.
“The snow is deceptive,you’re feet unsure.”
Many hopeful warning words,now scattered in the wind…
Cling to gray matter,poured like candy,
on an ice cream cone.
One human sundae…
Blood,bile and bone.

On Tip

Ice is prettier than glass,
goes to show,that loveliness
most intense is transitory

Id hate to be an ice cube
To know
how pretty
how fast
I’d rather be a rock,
ugly and permanent.

Red Rock

Desert mountains lurk
Rain eaten, wind parched
-On those rare cloud eclipses
The mountains pure, pout.
A crouching sour wet kitten

Original article posted by Minty:

The tree by the roof
still wet from the morning dew
safe from the house fire

When climbing red cliff
sun is warm and sinking slow
cold sweat on my neck

These haiku things are
as delicate and bitter
as dark chocolate

The leaves in mocked majesty
preen through the coo of the wind

the falling curtains and veils
of red yellows- take us
our notice and our awe

the term is not recognition enough

Original article posted by Minty:

“Gaping Maw”

The typical human being is a carpenter

For our minds are more wells then libraries.
They reacha nd fall into something
not unlike space…the inner plane

Hammers sound as headaches and the tile is laid
and the hardwood polished.

Unaware of the deeper waters,the glooms of infinity
people carry on with the deadly business of living

though I have a floor it is pock-marked with holes
and at times, a gaping chasm.

And I look down
terrefied into myself

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