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I suppose that work has improved. I mean, now they actually have me working on projects (as opposed to sitting around with a smile on my face and my thumb up my ass). The process of getting me started appears to be riddled with trouble, however. That’s excusable, as the secretary sits on a higher priority queue than me. I’ve tried explaining my plight, tried communicating that if I drive from Cedar only to work for an hour and be told to go home, I actually lose money in the deal.

I’m being to understand that Ryan has always been right. My job title will always be ________(Fill in the Blank) Bitch. I’ve been Technical Bitch. Design Bitch. Multimedia Bitch. Programming Bitch. Telemarketing Bitch. My job description will always be loose, ambiguous, and unnecessary, as I will be required to do everything that other employees can’t/don’t want to/don’t have the time to do. The only thing that will change is my pay bracket, and the company I work for. I’ve always told myself that I could handle this, if I was working for a reputable company I could get behind. A prestige media production house, a well-known film company, Blizzard Entertainment, Square, etc. I would have absolutely NO problem being a SquareEnix Bitch.

Really, I am talented! I can do things! I am worth more than what I’m getting paid, and have enough skill that I could have turned down this job for a better offer! Why continue? Why go on? Because the alternative is Burger King Bitch. Bag Boy Bitch. Taco Bell Bitch. Walmart Cashier Bitch. I made the mistake the other day of initiating a conversation on politics with my father and stepmother. “Bush did wonders for the economy. There are more jobs. Look at the thriving economy….” Quick show of hands: How many of us have at least part-time work? (For those of you who don’t: I’m sorry for ranting about my crappy job, I’m a bastard, at least I have one, yaddayadddaya. The point of this rant and its predecessor is to show that the benefits of work are minute, money being the least of them) How many of us make more than $7/hr? How many of us have any time/money left over after school/bills?

Really. I want to know. Good night. I’m going to bed. I’ve got to get up and be out the door by 7AM, on my way to Hurricane, so that I can work long enough to make up for the money I spent in gas. You know, God bless that W. Bush. Where would gas prices be now, if we had voted for Gore?


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Yeah, umm, Ryan, I have a huge problem with you. I have no idea who you are, and I don’t hear from you nearly enough to find out. If you have a topic that was made just to comment about you, I think you should write more. Then I would have something to comment about.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad you supplied the bandwidth and everything for this website to be started. I love writing on this website, but honestly, I have no opinions of you. And I would like to. I enjoy having opinions.

So that’s it. My problem with you is that I have no opinions of you. Well, I might have one or two, but that’s not nearly enough.

Original article posted by Greg:

Thought I should take an opportunity to write something about ryan. Something entirely true and scathing and possibly rhyming with ‘pants.’

Or possibly none of those things.

Ryan, I don’t know if you’re ever going to come back to the site – I mean, I know I would with a kind of sick fascination to see what people are saying about me, because I’m sick. And fascinated. And sick. – but hey, I hope you read this.

First off, sucka, thanks for the bandwith.

Everybody should know the following things about Ryan:
He has donated his server, his bandwith, his hard-drive space, his time, his thoughts, his programming skills, and his good nature to this website. Anybody who has ever looked upon Six Mile Village should be aware that this is all thanks to Ryan’s efforts. Nobody else involved has donated as much, nor made such an effort. In fact, all that Greg did was take a program that Ryan had already made workable and customize it for the site.

And never asked a thing in return. I mean, I made him an Administrator, but he never asked to be. He just deserved it.

Heck, when we were telling him what we wanted, he would say “No you dont, you want this-and-that.” and he was right. So much of the concept side of things is also his fault. The development would never have been so streamlined without him.

Anyway, no matter what his flaws may be as a roommate, or sappy boyfriend, or anything else – he’s a plain good guy for giving so much for his friends. And I don’t think anybody would disagree.

Just don’t want you to feel underappreciated.

Original article posted by ryan:

Several months ago, Greg and Rodney had a great idea for a website. To create a place where they could coalesce all of their ideas, stories, rants etc etc that have been constantly flowing out from them ever since before I’ve known them. They just needed a place and the means to do it.

So I got involved. I had the server and I had an interest in helping my friends out. I will admit that things have gotten hectic and I have not had the time to put as much into this project as I would have liked. But low and behold, the site is now in full swing.

However, the site has turned out somewhat different than I had imagined. I envisioned a site where we could share ideas and creations we have. Not about things that if you wanted to, you could come down the hall and bitch me out about. I had never imagined paying for a server and bandwidth that would be slanderous to myself. I hadn’t imagined living in an environment where in real life we have conversations like: “Hey how you doin? fine. How are you? fine.” but I have to come online to find out someones true feelings about me. Instead of pulling the plug on the whole site as was my first reaction, I calmed down. I’m ok.
Then I had an idea.

Why not create a new topic that is all about me?
Sure, I might come here and post things occasionally, but this topic is for you guys. Comment on whatever you like or dislike about me. Uncensored, and all the way live.


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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: New Ryan Topic
It had demn well better be all the way live. And for the credit and discredit of others, I have to say that I will not stop yakking about things that I will later have to apologize for until such time that someone cuts off both my arms and rips out my tongue. So look out Ryan topic you shall see slander and then you shall see a retraction and then again and again until I learn not to.

Nickname: gandhi2
ryan is such an elitist. “look at me! i’m ryan, and i have my very own personal thread, where people can bitch about me and me alone, lalalalala…”