September 2005

Original article posted by Stephanie:

Hello village people! Not the ones with the strange costumes, but the ones who are like myself and write far too rarely.
I’m doing well! I’ve been living down under for 8 months now, and we’re finally starting to come back into the warm season. It has been so cold for so long that I forgot what it’s like to wear sandals. I’m looking forward to walking barefoot on the beach again.
I love the beaches here. It’s so cool to look out across and to think that somewhere across all that water is where I came from.
So I’ve been working for the past 5 months. I’m the office manager of a picture framing company, which is actually far more fun than it sounds. I’m constantly creating new things, and I own far too many frames now. It’s an excellent job, and they value me so highly there, it’s a great feeling.
Alister and I are doing well, in fact, we’re moving into our own flat in a week! We’ve been in a large house with 2 room mates since I arrived, and the time has come to be on our own. We were lucky enough to get a flat that is everything we were looking for and more! We’ve just spent far too much money on house things, a fridge, a washer, and a king size bed! But it will be so worth it. And they’ll even let us have a cat.
Very exciting, for me anyway. Otherwise, life is pretty quiet. But I’m happy with that, I’ve always been a quiet person.
The only real problem is that I continue to have a problem finding new friends. I have lots of nice people at work that I love talking to…at work. They are all too old or too young to be friends (we’re talking 45-60 or 16, no in between). The society here is such a drinking society, that I can’t go out to make friends without them pressing drinks on me. I made the decision to not drink, and I prefer to not be put in a situation where I feel obligated to.
And of course, I miss my family. I did come back to California last month to visit. The two weeks went by too fast of course, but it was great to see everyone. Especially my little brother and sister and my 2 nieces. They’re all getting so big it’s nuts. My 15 year old brother is like 3 inches taller than me! And I’m a tall girl.
Ahh well, it’s to be expected.
The unexpected came in the form of my dad walking out on my mom, to move to Idaho to live with his girlfriend. A week later and I’m still in shock. I’m not speaking to him, I’m utterly ashamed of him, and I’m sad that I know there is so much of him in me. That’s just low, to ditch your wife, your kids…just cause *shock* you’re turning 50 next year and you can’t handle the fact that you’re not a 17 year old high school football star anymore. The bastard.
Hmm. I meant this to be a cheerful entry…
In any case, I block out the bad and relish the good. I’m so excited about moving, spring is here and is just beautiful. I love my job, I love my boy, and things are good in my world.
Hope someone who reads this smiles and remembers me.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Just when you thought you were rid of me!
I remember you, you wierdo! I’ll bet you thought you were rid of me. Well, you’re not! Bwaahahaha!!!! I’m glad that you love life, but I’m sad that stupid people are doing stupid things to you and yours. Me, I’m having a blast. Quite literally. I work next to the guns and they fire all the time! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! It’s great. But I am lonely. There’s not the ladies over here like there used to be. Not that I was ever much of a player, (or really one at all) but its nice to hear a lady’s voice and I haven’t in a long time. Also, I miss those times by the fake fire late at night…Oh well. Its good training. There will be a bigger, more comprehensive entry soon. And then…Something. I don’t know what, but something! Yeah! Talk to you later.

Your whatever,


Original article posted by Asmodeus:

I just lost a good friend this week. You all know her, we were never able to get along, because she dont like my “threatening attitude towards her” she wants me to be less powerfull as I am or to her as I think I am.

What the Hell am I? I am a Magi, a fairly powerfull one at that, some of you mormans would call me a satanist! So what maybe i fancy the dark arts. i dont want to hear oh well you are going to destroy yourself either.

I am aware that the devils I call are feeding off what one may call a soul. But that influence has gotten me everywhere, how powerfull am I? Well give me a picture of you and a piece of your hair and we will find out together.

The thing is I loved this girl so much, but now she is apart of the experiment, i have what i need to do her harm she dont need to be in my life for me to practice evil on her!

Now she has given me the hatred I need to do what i want with her energy, yes I have already started my black Magick on her, no she will not know the effects until the day she gives birth, yes i am cursing her blood line not her, I think it would benifit me more to destroy something she would love more than herself. why? because I can not bring myself to do her direct harm, however I loath all others and that hate would be her child.

Soon I will give this site, the decree of the Magi, poetry in itself, I will let you meet the man who does not believe in someone else’s religion, but defied god and created his own religion.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: weighted_quill
Re: Raven the Magi
Could someone help me understand how these two statements are reconcilable?

“[. . .] we do not seek to replenish the earth but seek to cleanse the earth of the foulness that is man.”


“[. . .] the more people Belial has the better the world will be.”

I don’t think I’d like your club.

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Raven the Magi
There is nothing to reconcile, and if you are christian or LDS or anything that has to do with the christ, you would not like my club, but dont go mistaking it for a club, it is a building army. There is only hate that drives me now, i dont expect kellie to be friends with me at all, I have the wisdom of lord belial.

Let me break down who or what Lord belial is, he is the leader of the fallen, the Angel who was so great that heaven could not accept it. He is my master my lord my birthright the one who will purify this earth once again, there is more to it than just war and people will begin to see what is happening to there world but it will be too late.

As for queers like Ryan well he will remain weak as he is now all talk and no game, oh yes Ryan she is waiting for you to stick up for her!

I just hope she is planning on having him up this way I would love to see him in action a little one on one well that is it for now

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Raven the Magi
Another raven I see, hello Ravenpaine I am Grand Magus White Raven, you are the one who likes to insult people are you not?

So I am not the only one that Pisses kellie off I see?

I am going to target Ryan now, I think Kellie wants me to, its weird she wants him to defend her yet he can only use mere words.

She loves to hate me I think that is why in the five years I have known her we always fight yet she still continues to try to see how I am doing, News flash Kellie I am getting more hatefull not less I am not a nicer person women like you have taught me well in manipulation.

See you Later Ravenpaine

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Raven the Magi
If this doesn’t constitute as a threat I loathe the poor soul who does get threatened…

Ah the internet… allowing crazed shut-ins the soapbox they so need to demonstrate exactly why it is that they lurk behind closed doors.

Rodney TGAP
emphasis on the Lurk

Nickname: ryan
Re: Raven the Magi
Oh my.

I’ll probably incurr the ‘wrath of black arts’ on myself for saying this, but I don’t care. I’ll tell you exactly ‘what the hell’ you are: An attention driven crybaby.

Look at the crap he put on my blog under a topic entitled ‘Hostile Government takeover of Spanish Fork Concert’ … (you tell me if it has anything to do with it):

The first Laws Of the Magi

1. He who is known as the Grand Magus has absolute power and can only be disbanded by his council with a 12 out of 12 vote. Grand Magus is also chosen by this very councel.

2. Blood worship is needed in order for one to obtain the dark spirits, however consuming blood is a sin of the Magi, and those who break this law shall be thrown to the furnace as an offering.

3. Draining life from animal or earth is forbidden, because of the pact of the sage, all energy must be drawn from humans only!

4. Plural Marriage is forbidden, we do not seek to replenish the earth but seek to cleanse the earth of the foulness that is man.

Well that is not all the laws however, I will have to get the rest to you later for I am out of time right now and have a person to meet, for more info on the Magi and my doctorine I will have a web site for you, we are working on it now so when I am done be sure to go there the more people Belial has the better the world will be.

Let me tell you something ‘Grand Magus’.. if you want to tell me something about your cult, then fine… email me. I list my email address right on my site. But please, don’t spam my blog.

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Raven the Magi
Remind me to take a moment and tell you off on your supposed “research” and home-brew religous everything.

Also… if at all possible could you stop threatening ang everyone? Attacking groups and generalities happens around here but constantly going after one person will utlimately get you in a wide variety of troubles… Not the least of which is Vincent, who does not care for this sort of thing and has done far worse to people he actually likes…

Rodney TGAP
Last Knight on earth… with occasional dashing moments

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Raven the Magi
Ok I am reminding you to tell me off about my home brewed religion, which of course I need to ask you before you start to go off, I am just assuming you are wiccan or some type pagan beliefe, have you ever heard of the 72 goetian devils? I would like to try to call them that of course is not apart of my “home made religion” I just want to try to do it and see what happens.

So are you the rodney that she left for dipshit? Oh sorry my bad rodney I mean to say she left for ryan? I heard all sorts of tales about you, there was one time she was way pissed off at you this was way back when like two or three years back she dated a Rodney perhaps that was not you.

I can stop picking on her if you wish, she is just so damn easy cause there is nothing she can do about it and this Vincint character, by chance what is he supposed to do to me? Hmmm? See there is a problem I have with that, see you people are down there and I am here you could find me because that is what I want I like a good spurt of violence, my favorite and I am so damn good at it is playing on your anger and rage.

As for my home grown religion, well I will give you a chance to go off on it that is why I am reminding you now, I want you to that is what makes it fun. As for ryan well he is a pansey I am sorry that is just truth and I know kellers better than any of you, I can tell you she is already getting bored of him, I dont need to know him i just need to know how she is to tell you that he is a pussy, see Kellie’s father in a sense is kind of a Nazi, Kellie will always struggle to have control of her males, my problem and yours from what she tells me if in fact you are that rodney is that we both think only of ourselves and not enough about her needs but I can not help it, and I am sure you could not help that we have our own idea’s and agenda’s.

Her pussy means nothing to me that is not what I wanted from her, trust me I have eaten better cleaner pussy than what she has to offer, and it was non fridgid pussy, kellie can not get that wet, from what Neal told me at least, I almost feel bad for the girl.

But that is over now for my religion I will give you something to go off on now its your turn so here is what you can go off on this time.

The White Raven that being my calling what I go by, we wont get into that name just yet, lets talk about what it is I am setting up, it is a form of government for the time of the Antichrist it is a way to govern this region when he is here on this plane he will govern from the temple of humanity is what it will be called the lost temple but whatever form it may come in it will need people to help it govern and control those who do not consider it the true messiah, pretty much a committee will control this region there will be a special temple built here I already have the site in mind.

What will happen is the people that control this religion, it wont be mine anymore I will die before the day of glory and most of our generation will be dead and gone I am not doing it for my generation god no none of you would take to it, I am doing it for your childerens generation of course they will be easy targets of course it will be easy for you to go off on it, it is not for your day, I wish it was I would love to torment more people than I already have.

It is a religion based on deny christ and live stay with christ and no longer have your head or family. Ok have fun going off, but tread carefully make sure you can back up what you say that is all I ask, and just refrain from telling me to respect kellie come on there is nothing to respect, she cant even look me in the eys when we talk how weak is that, by the way you dont need to know this but when you talk to me in person stay on my eyes it could save you as lot of trouble mean you can tell if I am loking for something to injure you with or if I am listening sincerely to you, Kellie cant ever look me in the eyes I tried to make her once.

Well I am done see you have fun making fun of my religion

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Raven the Magi
Thank you so very much for giving purpose to my life and providing a focus to my thoughts. Your challenge is accepted and I hope that I can do my best to answer it as it was given… to this effect I will now….

Give a stunning and detailed line by line analysis of your post.

Original article posted by Greg:

In unrelated news, while walking through a market the other day, there was a TV set up outside of a Playstation store facing the busy street. It was showing something I’m told is called “Advent Children.” And while it wasn’t really comparable to “Spirits Within” in graphic detail, it was still enough to make my eyes bleed during the couple of seconds I saw it.

That was gross.

Now my companion wants to contact around the Playstation store a lot more. And while there was a large group of people just standing there, staring, jaws agape, I don’t imagine much missionary work would happen if we went back to that particular street.

I have been blessed a lot this past week. I suggest one reason why is that I’ve started letting myself be overwhelmed by gratitude lately. Especially in prayer. You should try it.

In taiwan, they party hard. For instance, last night there was a holidy on which everybody barbeques. So they shut down a couple of streets and put up a stage and everybody came to barbeque. (this is right behind our house, conveniently.) And on the stage? Why a Karioke machine, of course. Nothing says party more than old chinese women singing traditional taiwanese tunes to a synthesized beat.

Don’t worry, I got it on tape.

Not much news to report, other than that.

Withering Sarcasm.

Original article posted by Greg:

Please package jerky and send it to E. G. C. Hamblin, floor 4 number 24 lane 183, Chin Hua Street, Taipei 10606, Taiwan ROC. Include pictures of random objects of delight.

Last week I mentioned typhoons and earthquakes. Since then we’ve had both but, against my expectations, the typhoon was scarier than the earthquake. The church roof lost some of it’s stone tiles. Many apartments got broken or cracked windows. We were fine, but it was hard to sleep with all the noise of the wind. Then the earthquake was just yesterday. It was a little one, but it lasted for about 20 seconds. Not strong enough to do anything but squeak the door frame a little. So we were not humbled.

The work goes okay. Once again we’ve pretty much lost all of our investigators except for the ones that make us feel happy. One of them includes a drug addict whose father pulled us over on sunday to ask for our help. I told him to pray. He didn’t sound to excited, but he’s so concerned about his son he’s willing to try anything – even going to missionaries of an accursed christian belief system.

Got to see a mosque (deed I speel htat rite?) yesterday. It was green.

I had the opportunity last week to do a baptismal interview with a deaf man. Now, I’ve never been able to use ASL, much less chinese sign language, so I was a little nervous. But we just got a translator to sit in on the interview and translate for me. It was fun. I learned a lot in the process, so now I know how to say a few words with CSL.

There is one set of sister missionaries in our area. They are amazing. Sister Hong and sister Lai. They also, coincidentally, both speak chinese sign language pretty well. Not a common skill, and not one that anybody knew either of them had until they started working together. Then suddenly the missionaries started running into deaf people all the time. And, what do you know, there’s a couple of missionaries who can talk to them. We all see it as a small miracle here in zhong li. Now every tuesday night is sign language class for anybody who wants to come and most members of the ward (including us americans) have picked up the basics. (like ‘no, yes, thanks, hello, you are handsome, I am cool,’ etc.)

Orignally I thought my camera was lacking several cool features – like macro and super macro photos. But then last night elder blake called me an idiot and showed me that my relatively cheap camera is capable of doing everything his 500 dollar digital camera can do.

Elder Blake is a guy who likes a lot of the same things I do, but does them all better than me. Except maybe write. He writes music, does computer stuff, takes pictures, draws – and does them all well. Better than me, at least. I guess this is another reason I should apply myself to something, rather than just do the minimum to get by. Alas. Work. I only hope that he takes the time to develop any of these skills to something more than natural talent and playing around. For instance, he draws, but I look at it and can instantly tell that it was drawn by somebody who has never taken a single art or drawing class before. I don’t know why I can tell, but it just looks ameteurish. And I imagine if I listened to his music it would be the same. But if he does take the time I think he could be really great.

Which makes me think: Is it bad that I don’t have a lot of direction for myself at this late stage of immaturity?

Nevermind. Don’t tell me.

-Elder Hamblin

Original article posted by Greg:

The taiwanese people deal well with hurricanes/typhoons. They just build everything out of cement. Then they don’t have to care. I feel bad for the people in new orleans. I hear that was a pretty unexpected thing of whatever it was. Over here the big scary is earthquakes. Cement doesn’t bend well, so little vibrations cause cracks. Larger vibrations cause structural failure.

Lack of money causes mental failure. Larger financial loss causes pride failure.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but earthquakes are really great at humbling a person when he or she lives in a cement home. We had a couple little shakers in the past. Every time it seems kinda fun for a second, till you realize that many tons of concrete and steel are between you and the clouds. Then, if it shakes enough to move things on the shelves, you get really really nervous. All pride leaves the room and you realize that it’s down to you and any omnipotent beings in the vicinity. And you remember that you are only semipotent. Fate laughs as you look at your hand and realize you’ve been bluffing the ENTIRE GAME.

But then it stops and you’re just back to regular old gale force winds. No problem. Pride returns, and you think, “Yeah, can’t scare me that easily.”

Well, I’m out of time. My apologies to Blaine, who will not recieve an email this week because of time constraints. My apologies to Rodney, who I would like to write to, but whose email and physical address I am missing. Please notify.

Trust the man with the chainsaw for the hand,
-Elder Hamblin